Preventative care

Deals with the prevention of serious tooth and gum diseases and is an essential component in treatment of tooth decay and periodontitis. Leads to a healthy and beautiful smile. Procedures on offer include:

  • dental check-ups
  • instructions on oral hygiene, such as presentation of the method of brushing, choice of appropriate toothbrushes, of dental floss, of dental preparations and various interdental brushes
  • application of varnish
  • fissure sealants
  • cauterisation of primary teeth with silver nitrate
  • removal of tartar and plaque with ultrasound (scaling)
  • removal of dental deposits and stains by polishing
  • fluoridation of teeth with concentrated fluoride preparations

Deals with the care of primary teeth, from the moment the first ones appear, through the process of their replacement with permanent teeth, up until the growth of a full set of permanent teeth. Services include:

  • tooth fluoridation and lacquering
  • treatment and extraction of primary teeth
  • application of fissure sealants on primary and permanent teeth
  • cauterisation of decay in primary teeth with silver nitrate

Children are very sensitive patients, highly responsive to all kinds of mental and physical stimuli. To make sure that the dental appointments are not associated with feelings of fear and pain, and that the children have good memories of the visits, we suggest an adaptive appointment which takes the form of play, in order to encourage children to cooperate with the doctor. The reward for each treated tooth comes in a form of a filling in the child’s favourite colour. After each visit, our young patients receive a prize to ensure further encouragement!

Treatments include:

  • tooth extraction
  • surgical extraction of partially erupted teeth
  • hemisection
  • root end surgery
  • surgery of the frenulum of the upper and lower lips and the tongue
  • dental curettage
  • periodontal treatments
  • biopsies for histopathological assessment

Periodontics is the area of dental speciality that concentrates on the diseases of the supporting tissues of the teeth, known as periodontium, and oral mucosa. Symptoms often ignored by the patients, such as bleeding, swelling and redness of the gums, bad breath, exposed tooth roots, and loose teeth, can point to periodontium diseases. Treatments include:

  • dental curettage (elimination of inflammatory granulation tissue, infected tissue)
  • removal of tartar under and above gums (scaling)
  • polishing
  • splinting of loose teeth with wire ligature
  • controlled regeneration of periodontal tissue using bone substitutes and barrier membranes
  • treatment of the oral mucosa

An implant is a new root which becomes the foundation for a new tooth. It is a bone implant – a small titanium screw which is placed where the tooth should be during surgery under local anaesthetic. Implants fuse with the bone and form a solid foundation on which the dentist rebuilds the supragingival part, i.e. a crown, bridge or denture. In order to ensure complete safety and to meet all the expectations of our clients, the implant surgeon assesses, on the basis of a panoramic X-ray, if the procedure is possible and its estimated duration. The consultation at our clinic is free.

Treatments on offer at our clinic:

  • implantation
  • bone reconstruction
  • sinus augmentation

Modern prosthetics offer a wide range of options to replace missing teeth. Our clinic offers different types of dental restorations, which are highly aesthetic and are characterised by a high level of durability and excellent practicality. We offer:

  • acrylic dentures
  • frame dentures
  • acetal dentures
  • porcelain, ceramic and zirconium crowns
  • crown-root inlays made of glass fibre
  • dental bridges
  • repairs of dentures
  • dentures and bridges on implants

The new generation of materials for fillings and correction of teeth shape, as well as the skills of our dentists, enable us to meet the high demands that cosmetic dentistry faces. Treatments include:

  • tray based teeth whitening (effective and safe) – the method involves using two tailored trays moulded in a laboratory and a set of syringes with the whitening solution
  • ceramic veneers – correcting the shape and colour of the teeth
  • porcelain, ceramic and zirconium crowns
  • porcelain bridges

Root canal treatment involves the removal of the internal infected tissue of the tooth, cleaning the canal, its disinfection and tight filling with suitable materials. Thanks to modern technology and specialists in this field, a lot of teeth which once would have had to be extracted, can now be saved. The correctness of the root canal treatment can be assessed at each stage with X-ray images, available thanks to radiovisiography technology available at our clinic.

Of significant value in dental diagnostics, allowing us to obtain information otherwise difficult or impossible to collect. The images are made via digital radiography. We use a Gentex X-ray machine, which emits a limited amount of radiation in comparison to traditional methods. Thanks to this it is possible to take multiple images (at every stage of the treatment) without any risks.

For our foreign clients we offer help with finding accommodation for the duration of the stay. We will also help to find the most interesting places for spending free time.

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