Terms and Conditions

  1. Malik Alicja Private Health Centre  follows procedures which are aimed at providing patients with the highest quality of services, both in terms of provision of medical services as well as patients’ right of confidentiality of data and information concerning their health and the nature and scope of medical treatments. Patients’ data is collected and stored for medical purposes only, and are confidential. The information is protected with computer security instruments, and Malik Alicja Private Health Centre employees are bound by professional secrecy. Malik Alicja Private Health Centre Terms and Conditions guarantee the implementation of patients’ rights. They regulate the process of providing medical services in the facility, patients’ rights, obligations of the medical and non-medical staff, and procedures used in order to ensure high standards of services provided.
  2. Patients are asked during their first visit to fill in a questionnaire concerning their dental history, which is aimed at collecting information on their health. This procedure is to ensure the safety of patients during medical procedures by providing the dentist with information on health conditions which might affect dental treatment.
  3. In case of dental surgery, additional medical history is collected in order to obtain more detailed information concerning the health of the patients. Its aim is to provide the doctor with information on illnesses which might affect the risk of complications during treatment. Gathered information is also taken into consideration when choosing a suitable method of treatment, type of anaesthetic and medications.
  4. At Malik Alicja Private Health Centre, the patient always has the right to be informed about the treatment and receive professional advice. The obligation to provide patients with adequate information about the risks associated with treatment is stipulated under the regulations of the medical profession and Health Care Institutions Act. It is implemented through the indication to the patients of any possible adverse effects and complications. Such information usually concerns effects which are normal and typical to a given medical procedure. In addition, the doctor will always clear any doubts and answer all of the patient’s questions about the treatment, providing comprehensible information concerning the condition of health, the diagnosis, possible and suggested methods of diagnosis and treatment, foreseeable consequences of their implementation or omission, the effects of treatment, and the prognosis. However, it should also be noted that if the patient is not showing direct interest, the doctor is not obliged to inform about the consequences of the treatment which are possible in case of a given procedure, but which are unpredictable, unusual and improbable, statistically very rare, in case it adversely affects the psyche of the patient and hinders the treatment. Patients undergoing more complex procedures, such as implantation or root canal treatment, receive in advance additional written information concerning the procedure and its accompanying risk. If necessary, the patients also receive written post-surgical recommendations, for example concerning proper hygiene after implantation.
  5. Adherence to high standards of treatment and ensuring the satisfaction of our patients with the services is also reflected in the provision of guarantees by Malik Alicja Private Health Centre for prosthetic works done in the facility. A guarantee ensures the removal of technical faults of the work, but one of the primary conditions for the validity of the guarantee is the requirement for the patient to maintain regular check-ups and hygiene procedures at six-month intervals.
  6. A guarantee does not cover however the results of a treatment itself, because these cannot be guaranteed and legal regulations do not anticipate such a possibility. The effects of a treatment depend on many factors, including the regenerative capacity of the patient, which are individual and unpredictable. It should be noted that during the treatment the doctor is bound to act in accordance with current medical knowledge, aimed at the eradication of the disease, improvement of the efficiency of the body or prevention of diseases, and despite the fact that the outcome of treatment conducted cannot be guaranteed, adherence to such standards provides the patients with the best security. In order to increase confidence in the treatment efficacy of conservative dentistry, we provide a contractual obligation that the durability of fillings used is not shorter than one year. This period can be extended for another year, provided that the patient reports to check-ups in the facility every half a year, maintains oral hygiene and, if necessary, undergoes fluoride and hygienic treatments at the facility. This allows the patient to seek treatment, if a filling is lost within that period, under the same contract and at no additional cost. In case of conservative dentistry the contracts are usually oral, which does not affect their fully enforceable validity.
  7. Patients whose rights have been violated during the process of health care services have the right to submit oral or written complaints to the head of the facility.



 According to art. 13 sect. 1-2 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council from 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and the repeal of the directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on data protection) (hereinafter “RODO”) Malik Alicja Private Health Centre informs that:

  1. Your personal data is controlled by  the company Malik Alicja Private Health Centre established in ul. Bulwar Ikara 10 D, 54-129 Wrocław.
  2. Malik Alicja Private Health Centre Malik will be processing Your data according to the rules set out in Art. 5 of the RODO only for the purpose of providing services within the scope:
    • providing health services, including keeping an medical records – on the basis of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, the Act on Patient`s Rights and the Ombudsman of Patient`s Rights and the Act on Medical Activities,
    • providing health care and managing the health care systems and the health care services – on the basis of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, the Act on Patient`s Rights and the Ombudsman of Patient`s Rights and the Act on Medical Activities,
    • assurance of the social security and management of the systems and social security services (medical certificates) – pursuant to the Act of Personal Data Protection and the Act of the State Social Insurance Pensions Law in case of illness and motherhood or other relevant provisions within the scope of the social insurance law and labour law

3. Right to object

You have right to object of Your personnel data processing at any time, processed for the purpose and on the basis of the data mentioned above. We will cease to process of your data for these purposes unless we will be able to demonstrate that there are valid, legally reasonable grounds that prevail Your interests, rights and freedom or Your data will be necessary for us to possibly settle the claims or its investigation or defending.

4. Malik Alicja Private Health Centre will store data for the period required by law and necessary for the proper performance of the services.

5. Your personal data may only be transferred to physicians / nurses / X-ray employees / administrative employees on whom the confidentiality obligation is imposed and the National Health Fund – only to enable the performance of services, who are entrusted in writing with the processing of personal data and who are responsible for violation of the processing rules

6. According to RODO, You have right to:

  1. access to your data and receipt of its copies,
  2. correct  your data,
  3. requests for deletion, limitation or opposition to their processing (with the exception of personal data contained in medical records),
  4. data transfer,
  5. submit a complaint to the supervisory authority, if in Your opinion the processing of personal data violates the provisions of national law, including the EU RODO Regulations.

7. Providing data is voluntary, however, the refusal to providing it shall make us difficult or impossible to properly provide you a medical service.

8. Please be informed that, Malik Alicja Private Health Centre does not make decisions automaticly and your data is not profiled.

9. Malik Alicja Private Health Centre hereby informs that it uses subcontractors (cooperating medical entities, IT and accounting companies performing tasks commissioned by Malik Alicja Private Health Centre, companies providing legal assistance) who have or may have access to your personal data.

10. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data (including those belonging to a specific category) at any time, but the withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing that was carried out according to the law, before its withdrawal.

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